Afterschool Classes

Ballyhenry Primary School

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Judo is starting on Wednesday 18th May, the first term is 4 weeks. Which is now fully booked. I am opening our online booking system for term 2 which will take us to the end of the school year. I am opening this now to allow those who attend this current term the chance to book before opening it to the whole school. Within 24 hours we were fully booked and currently have a waiting list of 18 children looking to attend. I have listed the dates we are running below to stop any confusion with what days are paid for, when we are running etc. 

Term 1 (4 weeks): Week 1: Monday 25th April Week 2: Monday 9th April,
Week 3: Monday 16th May, Week 4: Monday 23rd May

Term 2 (5 weeks): Monday 30th May, Monday 6th May, Monday 13th June, Monday 20th June, Monday 27th June


P1-P7: 2.00-3.00pm
£32 per child, family discount available

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, just select offline payments after completing the form and you can make a transfer via these details - Name Tetsu - School of Judo Sort Code: 09-01-29 Account Number: 07711794

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