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Prior to the pandemic, we ran classes nearly everyday. We have cut down our classes to a few a week, this will change in September. To register for one of our classes, please read the following information below and then proceed to register by completing the form too.

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Monday 19th July, Monday 26th July, Monday 2nd August, Monday 9th August, Monday 16th August
Thursday 22nd July, Thursday 29th July, July, Thursday 5th August, Thursday 12th  August, Thursday 19th August

Training every Monday and Thursday Evening

4-7 year olds: 6.00-7.00pm / 8-12 year olds: 7.15-8.15pm

5 weeks: 1 Child: £30, 2 Children: £55, 3 Children: £80

Each member will also need to purchase a Judo Licence, this is for insurance purposes. A letter will be handed out during class.

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