Total Fitness Class


Out TeamTetsu Total Fitness Class is for children ages 5-10 year olds. This programme includes a lot of fitness exercises to help your child improve their coordination, balance, strength, endurance and overall fitness. Your child will take part in exercises such as skipping, pull ups and a beep test aimed for children and a lot of other exercises. We will be recording your child's performance throughout this programme and are mission is to see an improvment as the weeks progress. 

We are running a fitness class on Wednesday 12th January for the week that we missed before Christmas

Day/Time: Wednesday evening, 6.00-7.30pm
Price: £30 (5 weeks) 

Dates: 5 Weeks

Week 1: Wednesday 19th January
Week 2: Wednesday 26th January
Week 3: Wednesday 2nd February
Week 4: Wednesday 9th February
Week 5: Wednesday 23rd February

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, just select offline payments after completing the form and you can make a transfer via these details - Name Tetsu - School of Judo Sort Code: 09-01-29 Account Number: 07711794

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